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Book Synopsis:

Traditional stress management tools don’t work for long.  No matter how hard we try, stress keeps sneaking back into our lives, adversely impacting our health, relationships, and every aspect of our lives. Stress-related disease, addictions, and unhealthy behaviors are on the rise.

The reason for the rampant stress in our lives is that stress isn’t caused by outside events, like our boss, the economy, or the traffic. Stress is created inside of us and can only be reduced when we learn to Relax With Life.

Author Kenyon Gatlin tells her transformational story from being chronically stressed-out, and anxious to calm, peaceful, and deeply happy.  Kenyon learned to reduce stress by applying ancient yoga principles to all aspects of her life.  She discovered yoga is much more than poses on a mat, but a revolutionary way to approach daily life with an unshakable peace.


Sample Introduction:

You know those things in life that drive you crazy and make your shoulders and the back of your neck tighten up? Things like traffic jams, taxes, your unreasonable boss, or even the state of the economy? Stress is everywhere today, and most of us feel more stressed out than ever before. Today’s guest, Author Kenyon Gatlin, is here to share some easy techniques that will help you relax and feel peaceful, no matter what you are doing, who you are with or where you are. Welcome, Kenyon!


Sample interview Questions:

1. You write that most traditional stress management techniques don’t work.Why is that?
2. How did you become an expert in reducing stress?
3. In your book, you write a lot about yoga. I thought yoga was just for flexible people who want to get fit. How do you apply yoga principles to your everyday life?
4. In case any of our listeners are feeling stressed right now, what can they do to feel better quickly?
5. In your book, you talk about The Witness. Can you explain that concept?
6. I loved the story in your book about how you coped with a boss who used to get upset with you for things she told you to do. We all have somebody like that in our lives. What can we do when we are faced with an unreasonable person?
7. Many of us can’t sleep well when we are stressed out.  What should we do when sleep eludes us?
8. Your book is called Relax With Life. What do you mean by that?
9. Where can listeners find a copy of your book?


Author Bio:

Kenyon Gatlin is a teacher, speaker and author in the field of stress reduction and yoga. She is the author of Relax With Life: applying yoga principles to reduce stress, a practical “how to” book in applying spiritual teachings to your daily life.

Kenyon has taught people of all races, religions, ages and illnesses at yoga studios, hospitals, and corporations. Her teaching style is simple, engaging and experiential; inspiring you to see, know and experience your true spiritual nature. Her passion is helping others practically apply spiritual truths to their daily life, achieving inner fulfillment and peace.

Kenyon is certified as a 200 and 500 registered yoga teacher. She holds certifications in the Amrit Method of yoga therapy as well as yoga therapy for cancer and chronic illness through Integral Yoga. Kenyon is a facilitator of the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra and is an Amrit Method Reiki Master. She currently teaches at The Amrit Yoga Institute.

Book Reviews

“Kenyon’s very readable and engaging style shows you how to simply and powerfully make the steps to change your experience of life. Before you know it, you will have received core tools to use the ancient teachings of yoga in the midst of everyday challenges.”
~~ Kamini Desai Ph.D., author of Life Lessons Love Lessons

“In this book the author brilliantly interweaves her use of yoga techniques for stress reduction in her own personal life including during times of major life transitions. Subsequently, the reader quickly understands how these strategies can effectively address any number of things that cause stress in one’s life. This is a must-have resource for dealing with many of the most common sources of stress today.”
~ Susan Dennison, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

“With courageous candor and gentle humor, Kenyon offers both a lucid and logical look at the real sources of stress in our everyday lives and gifts us with simple, concrete techniques for lasting transformation. If we utilize these powerful yogic tools, we can come to accept any life situation and discover the underlying "peace beneath the turmoil." Stress-eliminating applications intertwine with heart-opening personal illustrations, making Relax with Life a veritable handbook not only for life, but also for living joyously. Empowering, inspiring, and illuminating!”
~ Laura Harsha Conley, Director of the Learning Center, Canterbury School of Florida, Board Member, Seva Yoga Outreach

“Kenyon spent several years with a Living Yoga Master and learned firsthand how to embody the ancient teachings of yoga. This deceptively simple discourse allows readers, both in the East and West, to see how yoga can be applied practically in our day-to-day lives.”
~ Yasin M. Choudry, M.D., Diplomat American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

“Yoga has long been used as an effective tool to reduce stress; this book will show you a personal path for doing so. Kenyon is walking the walk; not afraid to share her vulnerable moments for the sake of helping others see the deep wisdom in her yogic path. If you are curious, in transition, or just plain fed up with things as they are, read this book. It is a thoughtful, deep dive into the power that yoga offers for transformation.  The writing is clear, accessible and inspirational.”
~ Susan Freeman, Author of Step Up Now

“Every once in a while, a book comes out that combines practical ‘how-to’ descriptions with narrative story and spiritual principles. This is one of those rare books. Kenyon merges body, mind, and spirit in a very useable way. She is a clear writer and sincerely wants all of us to “right” our lives. The sharing of her personal story along with insightful ways to relax with life and apply yogic principles to reduce stress is a book everyone will benefit from and actually use. This book offers inspiration, transformation, and most of all, practical tools to use in our often chaotic lives. Thank you, Kenyon, for writing it.”
~ Moe Ross, CEO and Founder of Miographies, Author, Spiritual Director at Hollyhock Retreat Center

“Kenyon’s book reveals practical spiritual tools to help you respond to life with skill and grace. Throughout her book she weaves yogic philosophy and her personal life experiences, which allows all to resonate and relate.”
~ John Vosler, body worker and business owner