Hi! I’m Kenyon

love to teach, speak and write about how to reduce stress and relax with life.
I was born in CA and became an Art Teacher. After teaching in the public schools for a couple years, I entered a successful fourteen year career designing fabric for the home furnishing industry. Although I thrived professionally in my art career, I spent much of my life searching for deeper meaning and spiritual connection. My career was intense and stressful.  I needed help figuring out how to cope.

In the late nineties, I discovered yoga. I began teaching yoga in 2002 alongside my full time textile career. When I met my guru teacher Yogi Amrit Desai in 2005, my yoga practice was catapulted into a spiritual transformation.

Years later after going through a divorce and ending my design career, I moved into Yogi Desai’s ashram in 2012 where I continue to study and teach yoga. Through my personal practice of applying the principles of yoga, I’ve realized my joy is teaching others how to reduce stress at the root and live a happier and fulfilled life.

I am certified as a 200 and 500 registered yoga teacher. I hold certifications in the Amrit Method of yoga therapy as well as yoga therapy for cancer and chronic illness through Integral Yoga. I’m a facilitator of the Amrit Method of yoga nidra and I’m an Amrit Method reiki master. I currently teach at the Amrit Yoga Institute.


  • Registered Yoga teacher E-200 level
  • Registered Yoga teacher 500 level
  • Amrit Method Yoga Therapy
  • Integral Yoga Yoga Therapy for cancer and chronic illness
  • Amrit Method Yoga Nidra facilatator
  • Amrit Method Reiki Master