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What if You Could Finally be Free of Stress… even when things around you are crazy?

ost methods of stress reduction don’t work.  They typically provide a temporary relief but don’t last.  That’s because your stress comes from inside, not the events or people around you.  So even though your boss, the traffic jam or a call from a bill collector appears to be the cause of your stress, it’s coming from another source, one deep inside you.
I used to be full of fears, worries, and anxiety.  Stress impacted every area of my life. I thought I’d never be free of it.  Then, I began to apply yoga principles learned from my guru teacher, Yogi Amrit Desai, and my life began to be full of peace and contentment as my worries and stress dropped away.  I still have challenges, we all do, but I have tools that help me stay calm no matter what storms are swirling around me.
Let me share those tools with you!
Yoga is not just about holding poses on a mat.  It’s a system of learning to relax with all the events of your life so that you can remove the drama, stories, fears, and anger from your life. 
I’d love to help you learn how to take yoga off the mat so you too can relax with life.  You can learn that information from my book Relax with Life, or attend some of my workshops and classes.
It’s possible for you to learn how to release your fears, frustrations, and anxieties through simple techniques that will help you love your life- no matter what!